• Purso-Tools is the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty camshafts


We are the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty camshafts. Our customer base and references include the leading diesel and gas engine manufacturers globally. We deliver camshafts only to original engine manufacturers and their official license holders.

Our manufacturing scope includes camshaft segments, individual cams, long camshafts, and camshafts assemblies. In addition to diesel and gas engines, we manufacture camshafts for special applications, such as Common-Rail pumps. We have dozens of different camshaft types in daily production.

For heat treatment, we typically use case hardening, induction hardening, and vacuum hardening methods. As the raw materials, we typically use high quality forgings and bar materials.

All the camshafts include serial numbers, are manufactured from certified raw materials, and are tested by means of Non Destructive Testing. Measuring protocols, documentation, and 3D measurements are made based on the camshaft specifications.

Purso-Tools is proud of delivering the most demanding components and assemblies to well known global machine and engine manufacturers. We ensure that our customers can build the highest quality products and brands by using our components.

Our serial numbering system ensures traceability of all documentation (raw material certificates, heat treatment certificates, NDT certificates, measuring documents, etc.) for a minimum of ten years after delivery.


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