• Heavy machining with highest accuracy


Purso-Tools is specialized in machining of demanding casting components. Product scope includes cylinder heads, small engine blocks, brackets, covers, exhaust components and bearing housings.

Competitiveness of this business area is based on a modern production line including i.e. Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) with a length of 60 meters and 100-station pallet changer. This system is connected to five large size Horizontal Milling Centres, heavy duty Lathe, Mill-turn machine, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Marking system as well as Washing Machine. These systems are designed for heavy machining with highest accuracy.

FMS-line can be loaded both manually for smaller series, and by robot for larger series. Meaning extremely high automation rate even to the most complicated work pieces. Additionally, the FMS-line and robot can be utilized for material handling functions. Quality of castings is also assured by pressure testing.

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