Manufacturing high quality products and providing high added value to our customers are the core of everything we do. Our operations are based on ISO 9001 certification.

Our operations and management standards are also certified by our customers, i.e. Caterpillar, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Volvo, Wärtsilä, Rolls-Royce, Sandvik, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. Purso-Tools has always been known as a high-quality manufacturer of the most demanding components.

We are continuously monitoring the achievement of our customers' quality targets and our own quality targets with several indicators. Product quality and process capability are controlled by statistical performance measuring and electrical measuring protocols. We also use 3D coordinate measurements and various types of Non Destructive Testing methods in controlling our production.

To ensure the highest efficiency to our customers, we continuously develop our personnel's know-how and make significant investments in the latest technology. Our promise is to fulfil our customers' quality requirements and keep all promised delivery schedules.

All of our work has a customer – be it internal or external.


DNV 45000